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Welcome to Eater Minneapolis!

2012_11_mplslarge.jpgEater Minneapolis is here!

We're thrilled to finally give the Upper Midwest a chance to represent. After all, we have James Beard-winning chefs, more food trucks than you can count, and craft beer that demolishes the competition. We're more than just Juicy Lucys and lutefisk, though we love those, too (or at least we love Juicy Lucys).

At Eater Minneapolis, you won't find original restaurant reviews, recipes, or food porn; but we have you covered with unique reporting, user-generated tips, and a round-up of what the rest of the food people around the state—and the nation—are talking about. And we're psyched to be joining the Eater family of sites, including Eater National, New York, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Seattle, Charleston, Maine and our closest midwest neighbor, Chicago. Along with Minneapolis, Eater's launching sites in Louisville and San Diego today too. So we're in good company.

A little about me, your Eater Minneapolis editor, Claire Stanford. I have been writing about food since I started a blog about cooking in my tiny (tiny!) kitchen right after graduating from college. That blog has since shuttered, but I've continued writing about food for a host of local and national publications. I moved to Minneapolis a little over three years ago, and I've been steadily eating my way through the Twin Cities ever since. But enough about me. Let's talk about you.

While we hope Eater Minneapolis will be your one-stop shop for all things food and drink in this wonderful city (and let's not forget St. Paul!), we can't do it without our readers: Reader input, comments, rants and raves are our lifeblood. No opening, closing, back-of-the-house mishap, crazy piece of signage, menu typo, health code violation, celebrity sighting, or wacky rumor is too small, too juicy, or too weird. As a matter of fact, the juicier or weirder it is, the better.

We know that you all are Minnesota Nice. But let's help an Eater out. Send your tips to And while you're at it, come find us on Twitter and Facebook. It's the nice thing to do.