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Let's Play Spot the Difference in the New Chino Latino Ad

Photos: Chino Latino website and Facebook Page

After coming under heavy fire for their latest foray into offensive advertising yesterday, Chino Latino released a revised version of the original advertisement for their new Indian street food menu. The new ad was posted without comment on the Uptown restaurant's Facebook page.

Remember that game on the comics page of the newspaper? The one where you have to find the differences between the two seemingly-identical pictures? This seems like an ideal time to bring back that game of yore.

The original ad is on the left; the revised ad is on the right.

Okay, granted, the differences are all in the same little area of the ad—the black bullet-point list on the lower right—but let's take a look at them, anyway, shall we? Here are the changes, presented without further comment:

· "Untouchables welcome" changed to "Desi cocktails"
· "Scimitars banned" changed to "Kingfisher and Taj Mahal Beer"
· "No longer serving slumdog" changed to "Amrut Fusion Whisky"
· The fourth and final bullet point—"I.T. Dept: Now Hiring!"—is now eliminated from the ad entirely.

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Chino Latino

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