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Midtown Global Market's Gastropub Might Not Open

Photo: Phillips West Real Estate

Well Seasoned—the gastropub slated to open in Midtown Global Market—may be permanently stalled, reports Stephanie March at Mpls.St.Paul.Magazine. Construction has been stalled for a while, March says, and now she hears that, due to lack of financing, the restaurant is "dead as a doornail."

The news is particularly flummoxing given that the restaurant's website seems to be almost fully up-and-running, including a draft of a food menu (sans most prices).

But, given owner Nick Miller's recent troubles at one of his other restaurants, The Hanger Room in Willernie, maybe the shutter is not so surprising. Miller is a former owner of St. Paul's The Happy Gnome and also a current co-owner of Buster's on 28th. Evan Connolly, the former executive chef of Buster's, had been tapped to run the Well Seasoned kitchen.

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Well Seasoned

920 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN