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Chino Latino Apologizes for Inflammatory Ad, Spawns Hipsters Against Parasole

Last week, we followed Uptown eatery Chino Latino's latest foray into offensive advertising—an ad for their new Indian street food menu—as well as their quick revision of the ad in response to widespread criticism. According to City Pages, Chino Latino has apologized for the ad to the Minnesota Bollywood Association, which had been very vocally opposed to the ad from the get-go. Christy Spillman George, the association's spokesperson, said they were contacted by Philip Gleason, the general manager of Chino Latino, and Kip Clayton, the vice president of marketing for Parasole—the restaurant group whose holdings include Chino Latino, Cafeteria, Burger Jones, and Manny's Steakhouse.

The apology, however, came too late to avoid further backlash in the form of a newly-formed Facebook group, Hipsters Against Parasole. The group was formed on November 29—when news of Chino Latino's latest ad became widespread. In its About section, the group describes itself thusly: "Hipsters, Soccer Moms, College Kids, and yes, even 'Bedwetting Hippies' mock CHINO LATINO and PARASOLE HOLDINGS 'cause, you know, those sucky racist ads are so 2003." The page largely consists of a mock billboard contest for Parasole and Chino Latino.

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