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Rye Deli Wants You to Drop Some Yiddish on Them

Screen%20shot%202013-01-10%20at%203.03.34%20PM.pngAttention all schnorrers*: Looking for a Thursday deal that also helps you get in touch with your inner George Costanza? Uptown Jewish deli/restaurant/bar Rye has been offering a Yiddish Thursdays promotion since August, and we're totally verklempt** that we're just hearing about it now. Every Thursday, the restaurant picks a Yiddish word and posts it on its Twitter and Facebook; if you can use the word correctly in a sentence (without making a putz*** of yourself), you'll get a free drink or appetizer (predetermined by Rye).

Today's word is nudnik, for a free Summit. Past words include: schnoz (for mashed potatoes and gravy), simkhe (for a cookie), ferklempt (for a knish), and kibitz (for fries). It's not clear whether your pronunciation also has to be correct (though Google can help you out with that), but you'd better start practicing that hard "ch" sound now.

*Schnorrer: One who gets things for free.
**Verklempt: Overcome with emotion.
***Putz: A fool, an idiot.

· Rye Deli Facebook Page

[Photo: Rye Deli Facebook Page]

Rye Deli

1930 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN