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Ice Bar Gives You One More Way to Freeze Your Face Off

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Photo: Le Meridien Chambers website

As if it wasn't already freeze-your-face-off cold enough this past weekend, you can now spend your winter leisure time ensconced in ice at the Chambers Hotel's Ice Chamber bar. That's right: the Ice Chamber bar opened for its seventh winter on Friday. According to the website, it is the United States' first outdoor, urban ice bar. And, uh, what does that mean, exactly? Some elucidation from the website:

The outdoor courtyard transforms into a winter wonderland as over 12,000 pounds of crystal clear ice comes together to create our outdoor ice bar complete with ice sculptures, glass fire pit and delicious libations to warm you.

Those delicious libations come sponsored by Grey Goose, and include Grey Goose martinis, Grey Goose shots, and hot chocolate with Grey Goose and Bailey's Irish Cream. The website also helpfully lists the current temperature, which right now is 7º F. Yes, let's definitely drink some cold beverages outside.

· Ice Chamber Minneapolis Bar website

Ice Chamber Minneapolis Bar

901 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, MN