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Dangerous Man Brewing Hosts Soft Opening

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The grand opening isn't for another eleven days, but Dangerous Man Brewing hosted a quiet soft opening this past weekend, serving up taps like Chocolate Milk Stout, Belgian Golden Strong, and Cream Ale. No word yet on whether they will be softly open again this upcoming weekend (if you know, let us know in the comments or shoot us a line). The brewery's grand opening is scheduled for Friday, January 25 at 4 p.m.

In the meantime, have you ever wondered why a pint costs as much at the brewery itself as at your local bar? The Dangerous Man twitter (@DangerousMan7) answers: "We pay a higher rent at this location and our pints are poured in 20oz glasses so you get the full 16oz of beer." Pints at the taproom will be $5; there will also be 10 oz. pours for $3.

· @DangerousMan7 [Twitter]
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[Photo: Thrillist Minneapolis]

Dangerous Man Brewing

1300 2nd St NE Minneapolis, MN