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Watch Union's Johnny Michaels Throw a Disastrous Pass

Photo: UNION Blog

In what must have seemed like a good idea at the time, KARE 11 reporter Lee Valsvik paid a visit to downtown restaurant Union to film a live segment before the big Vikings-Packers game last weekend. As part of the segment, Union's bartender/mixologist extraordinaire Johnny Michaels threw a pass to the cameraman, who was waiting at the back of the patio. Though it must have gone fine in rehearsal, the stunt did not go so well on live TV. The pass was completed just fine, but somehow the cameraman ends up charging down the patio, knocking over Valsvik while a startled Michaels looks on, all captured in this 26-second video (which has gone so viral, it's even been featured on The Daily Show).

The best part? Definitely the very end, when we hear Valsvik's disembodied voice (disembodied because she has been knocked off-camera) reassure everyone, "I'm okay!"

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