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Aptly-Named Tacos, Nachos and Beer Coming to Downtown St. Paul, Boldly Eschewing Oxford Comma

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For months, a mysterious sign on the window of a former Jimmy John's has decreed in bold yellow letters, "This neighborhood needs a good taqueria!" Now, the Pioneer Press has solved the mystery of what is moving into the space. And it's—guess what—a taqueria. And a quite matter-of-factly named one, at that: Tacos, Nachos and Beer. Serving—you guessed it again—tacos, nachos, and beer (with or without an Oxford comma, take your pick).

Owner Guillermo Garavito told the Pioneer Press that the restaurant—which will open in late February or early March—will serve Mexican-style tacos (rather than American-style), meaning fresh-made corn tortillas with fillings like marinated meats and fresh shrimp and fish. The beer will also be Mexican. The nachos will be nachos.

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Tacos, Nachos and Beer

5 W. 7th Place St. Paul, MN