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Early Word on Parka: 'Killing it Right Out of the Gate'

Photo: TC Daily Planet

Parka—the much-anticipated collaboration between Victory 44's Erick Harcey, Rustica Bakery, and Dogwood Coffee—just opened last week, and it's already raking in raves, and killer lines. The Longfellow coffeeshop-by-morning/restaurant-by-afternoon-and-evening tweeted that the wait list might have been an hour and a half on Friday night.

According to their Twitter, Parka is open for coffee and pastries today until 3 p.m., but the kitchen is closed. In the meantime, here's the early word on Parka, from City Pages' Joy Summers, Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine's Stephanie March and Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, and Heavy Table's James Norton.

On her blog for Mpls.St.Paul.Magazine, Stephanie March writes:

"'s a cool space with a small menu of Harcey dishes that bend toward the comforting and classic, but with that modern surprise: the 'Salisbury' pork chop is basically taken off the bone, turned into a juicy, rich sausage mix and put back on the bone before being sous vide."

On the Hot Dish blog, City Pages' Joy Summers writes about a couple of dishes, including the smoked whitefish—"A nearby diner closed his eyes and suppressed a little shudder of pleasure with his first bite"—and the rabbit meatball hoagie:

"The tender rabbit meatballs are made all the more luscious after being wrapped in the Rustica hoagie buns, chewy on the outside, toasted crisp on the inside. Hearty, satisfying, and easy lunch comfort food, served with beet chips dusted with vinegar powder."

Over on her Twitter, Minneapolis.St.Paul.Magazine's Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl tweets: "Rather blown away by spanking new @parkampls I'm predicting the New Longest Wait in a Mpls resto. Move over @Tilia !!"

And finally, over on the Heavy Table Twitter, James Norton tweets: "Wow - @parkampls is killing it right out of the gate."

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