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Football, Football, Football, Pizza: Vikes v. Packers on a Pie

Photo: Randy Hueffmeier at Premier Pizza, via @hotdogday

Just in time for the big Vikes vs. Packers game on Saturday, a little bit of pizza inspiration comes by way of Randy's Premier Pizza in Oakdale. Owner Randy Hueffmeier created the pies himself by cutting the teams' logos out of cheese before baking; you'll notice, also, that the Green Bay Packers pie uses a green pesto base. These custom pies sadly aren't available for order yet, but Premier Pizza will have the pizzas available for special order sometime soon, and will also possibly stock frozen or take-and-bake versions of the 30-inch pies.

That Vikings logo looks incredibly precise, but is it just us, or is that Packers logo looking the tiniest bit wobbly (just like their run defense)?

· Randy's Premier Pizza Website

Randy's Premier Pizza

6030 50th St N. Oakdale, MN