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Ex-Heidi's Employees Allege Non-Payment of Wages, Bounced Checks, Withheld Tips

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heidis.jpg[Photo: Minneapolis Restaurants Guide]

Some ex-employees of the suddenly shuttered Uptown restaurant Heidi's have started a crowd-sourced "employee relief fund," alleging that the shutter means they've lost all wages for the month of October, including gratuities.

The funding website was started by former Heidi's employee Chi Ngo. It states:

On October 22, 2013, Heidi's employees unexpectedly lost their jobs. Unfortunately, they also lost all their wages/salaries for the month of October. This included gratuities left by the diners to the servers. As many of you know, food service employees live day by day, paycheck by paycheck, and work long and hard hours. We are trying to raise money to provide the monies owed to all the workers.

In comments on the site, other ex-employees allege that checks from Heidi's (dated 10/16 and 10/21) bounced and also that Heidi's retained all employee tips from credit card transactions until the following payroll date, and that those haven't been paid, either. So far, the fund has raised $330, donated by 10 backers; it has a stated goal of $46,000.
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