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Cocktail Week 2013

In a late addition to our map of Twin Cities bartenders' favorite hidden gem bars, cocktail man-about-town Johnny Michaels (of La Belle Vie, Icehouse, and Union) has added his pick, for Rainbow Chinese. Michaels says: "If you want to check out an emerging DrinkMakingStar who's flying just under the general public's radar, go to Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and sample what Jimmy Vongsouvahn has been producing...Jimmy has blossomed out of nowhere and is making cocktails equal to Rainbow's excellent cuisine. He's a very shy young man, but has style for miles and miles, and also the game to compete with the cocktail destinations we already know about. Check him out before his bar gets too crowded." [EaterWire]

Rainbow Chinese

2739 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408 612-870-7084 Visit Website