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Five Things to Know About Heavy Table's New Book, The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the book's publication, Heavy Table's The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food was released this month. Each chapter is written by a different writer and takes on a different Upper Midwest food topic, from Bob Dylan's old stomping grounds to area cheesemakers. Here's a preview of five standouts.

· Six Degrees of Deliciousness maps the "landscape of chefs in Minneapolis," including Adam Vickerman, Alex Roberts, Carrie McCabe-Johnston, and restaurateur Kim Bartmann. Ever wondered where Landon Schoenfeld cooked before he landed at Haute Dish? Find out in this chapter.

· Cheeseburgers. Heavy Table's beloved illustrated restaurant reviewer, Louie the Loon, takes on the cheeseburgers of St. Paul's West 7th Street, for a total of 25 cheeseburgers (including a McDonald's or two). Zamboni's gets the highest cheeseburger score, but there are lots of other close contenders.

· East Lake Street. The East Lake Street guide covers everything from The Craftsman and Parka to La Poblanita and Dur Dur Bakery & Market. A highlight: Dur Dur's shushumow cookies (deep fried and coated in sugar syrup) and korsanyo, an egg bread filled with vanilla pudding.

· Old Fashioneds. There's a whole chapter on old fashioneds, albeit of the Wisconsin variety (with brandy). It features input from bartenders and managers at Madison's Old Fashioned, Smoky's Club, Tornado's Steakhouse, Oshkosh's Brooklyn Grill, and more, as well as a look at Wisconsin-made brandy.

· Hidden Gems. All $100+ Kickstarter backers were asked to contribute a "hidden gem" spot in the Upper Midwest, with entries ranging from Minnesota and Wisconsin to Illinois and Iowa. Here in the Twin Cities, a couple hidden gems include Jakeeno's Pizza and Pasta, El Nuevo Mariachi, and PJ Murphy's Bakery (get the buttercream-filled raised donut).

· About The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food [Heavy Table]

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