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Stewart Woodman Responds to Ex-Employees' Lawsuit

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Heidi's co-owner and chef Stewart Woodman was quick to respond to the lawsuit the restaurant's former employees recently filed against him and Heidi Woodman.

Here's Stewart Woodman's full response, which he sent via email:

"It's nasty petty garbage, that they will be forced to prove in a court of law. It's essentially a legalized form of extortion: 'we'll say all sorts of nasty, petty, gossipy, and shitty things about you. None of which we could never hope to prove (because they're completely stupid, and based on the dumb, pointless, ignorant ideas that an idiotic lawyer told us to repeat so that we can get money) but hey this shit sells, and if you balk we'll run straight to the media.' Of course there is no money, the company is in foreclosure, and all the assets including any funds have been seized by the bank."

In a phone call with the former employees' lawyer, Aaron Mills Scott, Scott independently said that the money has not, in fact, been seized. "Stewart is just not telling the truth," Scott said. "It is untrue that the assets are frozen. I talked to the bank and the money has not been seized. This didn't happen because Central Bank froze bank accounts."
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