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Ex-Heidi's Employees Suing Stewart and Heidi Woodman

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Photo: Minneapolis Restaurants Guide

Former employees at the now-shuttered Uptown restaurant Heidi's have filed suit against owners Stewart and Heidi Woodman. On Saturday, fifteen plaintiffs—including Chi Ngo, who started a crowd-sourced "employee relief fund" shortly after the restaurant closed—filed a civil suit with Hennepin Civil Court against Heidi Woodman, Stewart Woodman, and Stewart on France LLC (the Woodmans' LLC). The case type is "employment," but the court documents don't show any further details.

After Heidi's suddenly shuttered in October, employees alleged that they lost all wages for the month of October, including gratuities; they also alleged that checks the Woodmans had written before the shutter (and that they tried to cash before the shutter) bounced. Stewart Woodman responded to the allegations via both a late-night Twitter exchange and an official press statement. After Woodman's response, the saga went quiet, until now.

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