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The Freehouse Is Charging $7 for Cans of Coors Light

After opening its doors just yesterday, The Freehouse—the new Minneapolis brewpub from Blue Plate Restaurant Company—is getting some attention for its beer pricing. While the brewpub offers up its own house-brewed pints for $6, it's charging a whopping $7 for tallboys of Coors Light, PBR, Bud Light, and other "guest cans" of beer. The brewpub is also charging $8 for pints of "guest taps" including Indeed Midnight Ryder (which would sell for $4 in its own taproom).

The pricing debacle spread quickly in the Twitter-universe, too. The Heavy Table weighed in with a sarcastic "Whoa, cool: Trendy NYC beer prices right here in Midwest!" while co-owner Stephanie Shimp justified the pricing by tweeting "Why would anyone even 'want' a National brand at a local brewery!" in response.
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[Photo: Katie Cannon/EAMPLS]

The Freehouse

701 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN