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Tiger Sushi 2 Now Closed, Time to Get Groupon Refunds

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Photo: Tiger Sushi Website

Uptown sushi spot (and super-regular Groupon restaurant) Tiger Sushi 2 has closed. A tipster wrote in with the news, adding that he had confirmed the shutter with the Murals Building leasing office. A call to the Tiger Sushi at the Mall of America confirmed that the Uptown Tiger Sushi shuttered on Tuesday of this week, but there was no explanation why.

The Uptown Tiger Sushi opened about five years ago, as the second location to the popular Tiger Sushi in the Mall of America. When it opened, critic Rachel Hutton (then of City Pages, now of Minnesota Monthly) gave it a pretty good review, though she also noted: "At times, Tiger Sushi 2 can feel like a sports bar with chopsticks." Outside of the Groupon-verse, there hasn't been much notice of Tiger Sushi in the years since. Now the question is: what will move into this condo-nexus location now that Tiger Sushi is out?

Have you noticed a shutter near you? Email the tipline and let us know.
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Tiger Sushi 2

2841 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN