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Cafe Maude at Loring Closing at End of Year

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cafe%20maude%20at%20loring.jpg[Photo: Cafe Maude at Loring Facebook Page]

In just two days, Cafe Maude at Loring—the Loring Park sister restaurant to South Minneapolis's Cafe Maude—will be shuttering, reports City Pages. The restaurant opened in summer of 2012 in the space formerly home to Nick & Eddie's, serving a similar menu to the original Cafe Maude. According to City Pages, the owners issued a statement saying, "We didn't hit the home run we were hoping for with our Loring Park location." New Year's Eve will be the restaurant's final service (a few reservations are still available), and they will not reopen in 2014.

City Pages also reports that owner Kevin Sheehy is planning a new restaurant concept for the space, slated for March 2014, but he won't give any more details than that yet.
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Cafe Maude At Loring

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