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Lyn-Lake Brewery Hoping to Open in Uptown

A new brewery/taproom, Lyn-Lake Brewery, is hoping to open in Uptown, serving seasonal, gluten-reduced, organic beers, reports Southwest Journal. Co-owners Mark Anderson, Paul Cossette, and Joel Carlson (who will also be head brewer) have put in an application to the city. The space is located at 2934 Lyndale Avenue, better known as the Theater Antiques Building, which has been vacant for more than five years.

In terms of the space, they're planning to put the brewery in back and build a taproom in front, as well as a rooftop patio. According to Southwest Journal, they're looking to build concrete floors, exposed ceiling, a restored marquee, and operable windows. They're hoping to create a very local brewery experience and are currently looking for local farmers to grow their organic hops; they also want the brewery to serve as a CSA pickup site in the neighborhood.

If they get city approval, they're hoping to open in June of 2014.
· Lyn-Lake Brewery Plans a New Tap Room for Theater Antiques Building [Southwest Journal]

Lyn-Lake Brewery

2934 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN