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Lost Falls Distillery Meets Its Kickstarter Goal

Photo: Lost Falls Distillery Kickstarter Page

After launching its Kickstarter campaign about a month ago, local micro-distillery-to-be Loft Falls Distillery met its goal of $11,500 on Friday. (It's now at $12,900 and 258 backers.) Located in South Minneapolis, the distillery promises to "tweak traditional spirits recipes" from slivovitz to dark cherry rum, and may also be producing sorghum spirits.

According to the Kickstarter page, founders Nils Collins and Brian Nackerud plan to work closely with local bars and restaurants to produce spirits that complement food. As of now, it is illegal to sell spirits directly from the distillery in Minnesota, but Collins and Nackerud are planning to lobby the state and city government in an attempt to change that law.
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Lost Falls Distillery

3722 Chicago Ave. Minneapolis, MN