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Vote for MPLS's Hottest Chef: Round Four

hotcheflogo.pngWe're at the last sexy round of the first heat, and the hotties just keep coming. In this round: The Kenwood's Don Saunders, The Left-Handed Cook's Thomas Kim, Tilia's Zöe François, and Travail's James Winberg. Choose the hottest of the four below, and also make sure you've weighed in on the other three preliminary rounds. The chef with the most votes in each round will move on to the semifinals.

Poll results

The Left Handed Cook

2901 Honolulu Avenue, , CA 91214 (747) 255-7411 Visit Website

The Kenwood Restaurant

2115 West 21st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55416 (612) 377-3695

Travail Kitchen and Amusements

4134 Hubbard Avenue North, , MN 55422 (763) 535-1131 Visit Website


2726 West 43rd Street, , MN 55410 (612) 354-2806 Visit Website