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Scott Pampuch OUT at Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel, Returning to Minneapolis

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Scott Pampuch is known in Minneapolis as the founder and former executive chef of Kingfield restaurant Corner Table who left the Twin Cities for Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel last summer. But as of Thursday evening, Pampuch is no longer the executive chef at the Iron Horse, and he announced this morning that he is returning to Minneapolis to pursue new projects, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.

Pampuch was the hotel's executive chef and also its food and beverage director; while the Iron Horse spokeswoman confirmed that Pampuch was no longer at the hotel, she did not say why he had departed. Pampuch also declined to comment further on what those new Minneapolis projects might be.

Know something about why Pampuch and the Iron Horse parted ways? Or about Pampuch's new projects in Minneapolis? Let us know in the comments or email the tipline.
· Scott Pampuch Out at Smyth and the Iron Horse, Returns to Minneapolis [Milwaukee Journal Sentinal]


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