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What Bar Has Minneapolis's Best Happy Hour?

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beer%20taps.jpg[Photo: Yelp]

It's that time of year when living in Minnesota becomes, well, a little difficult. Winter has lost its sheen, and happy hour goes from a pleasant after-work tipple to a necessary form of winter survival. So for this week's Friday Open Thread (and our first open thread here on Eater Minneapolis), we pose the question: What bar has Minneapolis's best happy hour? Whether it merits mention for deep discounts, an extensive food menu, or generous amount of hours deemed "happy," give it a shout (with reasons why) in the comments. And also note that this open thread is bars only (no restaurants), though we'll hold your restaurant happy hour recs in reserve for a later Open Thread.

We'll compile the comments left here and sent into the tipline into a handy map that will hopefully act as a must-visit happy hour guide. (And fret not, we'll tackle the question of best restaurant happy hours soon.)
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