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Check Out Smack Shack's Super High-Grade Lobster Tech

Photo: Thrillist MPLS

Now that Smack Shack has a permanent home, it's also got some seriously tricked-out lobster technology. The two-level lobster tanks were custom-built in Nova Scotia; between the two levels, the tanks can hold 350-400 live lobsters, in 1,100 gallons of 45-degree salt water. A chef will stand at the ready to scoop live lobsters from the tank and drop them into the nearby 100-gallon steam jacket kettle, which cooks a lobster in 10 minutes.

Fresh lobsters will be delivered six days a week. They will mostly be sourced from Maine, but will also come fresh from further north, depending on the season. Smack Shack is still working on getting just the right pH and temperature for the tanks. (Fun, horrifying fact of the day: If a lobster dies in the tank, its fellow lobsters will eat it, just as they would in the ocean.)
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