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What are Minneapolis's Best Desserts?

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This is Open Thread, in which we ask you to weigh in on a topic of urgent importance. Have something you want discussed among the fine Eater Readers? Send it this way.
salty-tart-shop.jpeg[Photo: Salty Tart Website]

For folks with a sweet tooth, a meal-ending "happy ending" might have completely different connotations than, you know, the usual. For this week's Friday Open Thread, Eater would like to know: What Minneapolis spot serves the best dessert? Whether it's an elegant plate at a fine-dining restaurant, a snack from a dessert-focused patisserie, or just a comforting cookie at your favorite coffeeshop, give it a shout in the comments (and tell us what to order and why it's so good).

As per usual, we'll compile the comments left here and sent into the tipline into a handy map that will hopefully act as a must-visit dessert guide for Minneapolis.

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