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Whitetail Deer Found Killed at Schell's Brewery

On Friday, the folks at August Schell's Brewing Company in New Ulm found their whitetail buck, one of several deer at the brewery, slain in its enclosure. The brewery has kept a deer park on its grounds since the 1880s, as the whitetail deer is a key element of the Schell's brand, with images of the deer on every beer bottle and a lager named Deer Brand in its line of beers; there are two other deer inside the pen.

The brewery posted about the poaching on its Facebook page, including a call for information (and a reward) to track down the "cowardly, heartless bastard" responsible:

Our whitetail buck was found slain in the deer pen today. There is an active investigation to find the cowardly, heartless bastard that did this.
ANY information to help solve this crime should be given to: Turn-In-Poachers (TIP) at 800/652-9093 or New Ulm Police Department at 507/233-6750.
REWARD OFFERED for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this creep.

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August Schell's Brewing Company

1860 Schell's Rd New Ulm, MN