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The Early Word on Rincón 38: 'Really Outstanding'

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Hector Ruiz's Rincón 38 has been open for two weeks, and TC Daily Planet's Jeremy Iggers already has nothing but superlative praise for the Kingfield small plates/tapas spot. "Terrific tapas," the headline says; "really outstanding," he writes. And the greatest praise: "one of the most exciting new restaurants I have visited in a long time." He continues, making an interesting point about the dining scene in Minneapolis:

There's a useful distinction to be made here between exciting and memorable. I've had a few memorable dining experiences over the past year or so at places like the Bachelor Farmer, Saffron, and Borough. But those are all places where the entrees are $20 or more, which, for us, places them in the category of special occasion restaurants.

What's exciting about Rincón 38 is that the cuisine is really outstanding, and at prices that put it—at least for us—in the 'too tired to cook' category: places we might go on a weeknight just because we feel like getting out of the house.

Iggers goes on to say that it's not really all abou the price at Rincón 38—it's also about the many options that a menu of small plates provides, and Ruiz's spot-on execution. (Although the polenta-crusted calamari was "less exciting" than other plates.)
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[Photo: TC Daily Planet]

Rincón 38

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