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The Left-Handed Cook's Short Rib/Bacon/Fried Egg/Two-Cheese/Truffle Fries Burger

The "Minne Goober": An amped-up Goober (with short ribs and truffle fries added).
The "Minne Goober": An amped-up Goober (with short ribs and truffle fries added).

As part of Eater's second ever burger week, chefs at three Minneapolis restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited edition burger, served just this week. We'll be highlighting the burgers today and tomorrow. Now, The Left-Handed Cook's "Goober" (Good Burger) and "Minne Goober".

[Photos: Katie Cannon]

For their burger, Thomas Kim and the rest of the crew at The Left-Handed Cook gave us not one but two options: the "Goober" (Good Burger) and the amped-up "Minne Goober." For both, the 6 oz. patty is a mix of beef, short rib, brisket, and beef tendon. It's topped with smoked bacon, Bourbon caramelized onions, two kinds of cheese (triple-cream Carr Valley Crema Kasa from Wisconsin and Northern Lights Blue Cheese from Minnesota), fried egg, arugula, tomato jam, and Gochujang aioli, and served on a Salty Tart milk bun. The Minne Goober amps the whole thing up even further by topping it with 6 oz of braised short rib and also stuffing the burger with truffle parmesan fries (that's right, the fries are in the burger).

The burgers are available from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from today through Friday; the Goober for $10 and the Minne Goober for $15. Check out the step-by-step making of in the slideshow above, and stay tuned for burgers from Sea Change and Solera.
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