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North 45º Takes Back Molecular Gastronomy Misstep

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It's not even open yet, and North 45º—the new restaurant at downtown's revamped Millennium Hotel—is already facing some scrutiny for the bold claims it made in a Monday press release. Its assertion that it would "introduce molecular gastronomy to Minneapolis" was met with some serious eyebrow raising by City Pages, and also a little outright mockery at Heavy Table.

In a communication this afternoon, North 45º said, "We were just alerted to the fact that Cosmos at The Graves Hotel has a molecular gastronomy piece. We're having trouble confirming, but to be on the safe side – we want to officially reverse our previous claim to being the only ones in Minneapolis." Cosmos, yes, and also (as Heavy Table points out) Heidi's, Victory 44, Travail...
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North 45º Restaurant and Bar

1313 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN

North 45º

1313 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN

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