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The Early Word on Pig Ate My Pizza: The Same "What-Are-These-Guys-Smoking Panache" as Travail

Photo: Travail Facebook Page

Twin Cities Daily Planet's Jeremy Iggers headed to Pig Ate My Pizzathe new pizza spot from the folks behind Travail—on only its third day open. He only had to wait 15 minutes for a table (noteworthy news in itself), and he came away "impressed" by the pizzeria, which, according to Iggers, has a lot of the same "what-are-these-guys-smoking panache" as Travail while also being "a bit more accessible and family-friendly."

Iggers had the Mussels in Brussels pizza—topped with mussels, brussel sprouts, and chorizo—which "sounds weird but worked beautifully." The accompanying cup of mussel broth (for dipping the crust) was an "inspired" idea, a small plate of salt and pepper pork nuggets was "intensely flavorful," the housemade fettuccine was "perfectly al dente," and the banana split bomb—a liquid nitrogen take on the classic—"brought to mind the mad-scientist Travail of old."
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Pig Ate My Pizza

4124 West Broadway Avenue, , MN 55422 (763) 537-7267 Visit Website