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Angel Food Bakery Debuts Its Unnamed Version of Cronuts

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Cronut mania has finally arrived in Minneapolis, with downtown bakery Angel Food debuting its version of the Cronut—a donut/croissant hybrid—on Friday (otherwise known as National Donut Day). New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel introduced the cronut about a month ago at his eponymous bakery, trademarking the term "cronut." And so, as other bakeries jump on the cronut bandwagon, they face a naming dilemma, with most settling on the next-best term "doissant."

Here in Minneapolis, Angel Food insists (via their Facebook page) that baker J.D. Hightower has been making the donut/croissant mashup for years. But now, to sell them in the shop, they need a new, non-cronut name. They're running a Facebook contest to determine the new moniker; winner gets bragging rights, as well as the first dozen cronuts on the day of their choice. Entries so far include: Angel Halos, Last Temptations, Lovepuffs, Crodoughnaughty, and Fauxnuts.
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[Photo: Angel Food MN Facebook Page]

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

86 S. 9th St. Minneapolis, MN

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