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Which Mpls Restaurants Have the Best—& Worst—Service?

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Photo: Corner Table Website

Yesterday, Star Tribune reviewer Rick Nelson lauded the service at Kingfield restaurant Corner Table, saying that the owners "could probably have a lucrative side business teaching Front of House 101." Meanwhile, earlier this week, Minnesota resident and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern published a screed about the terrible service at an anonymous New York restaurant on his blog for Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

Everyone is talking, it seems, about service, which brings us to our question of the week: Which Minneapolis restaurants have the best service? And, we know we're all Minnesota nice around here, but...which have the worst? We're most interested in surprisingly good or bad service, but anywhere you want to shout-out (or rant about) is fair game. Leave thoughts and opinions (and stories!) in the comments or email the tipline, and we'll round 'em up in a post next week.

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