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Angel Food Bakery Still Calling Its Cronuts "Cronuts"

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As they search far and wide for a new name to replace the trademarked term "cronut", downtown bakery Angel Food appears to be calling their version of the much-hyped pastry a...cronut. Hm. At least, that's according to a post on their Facebook page yesterday, with an accompanying photo of doughy treats that were labeled "Cronuts: The best thing you have never heard about."

Here's a brief cronut recap: The cronut is a donut/croissant hybrid created by New York pastry chef Dominique Ansel at his eponymous bakery. When the cronut debuted last month, Ansel trademarked the term "cronut," leaving subsequent cronut copiers to come up with their own terms, many of them settling on "doissant". Angel Food insists that they have been making cronuts before the hype, just not selling them; they began selling their version of the cronut last Friday, and also launched a Facebook contest to name their new non-cronut treat. Whew. So much cronut drama.
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Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

86 S. 9th St. Minneapolis, MN

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