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See Inside Bluestem Bar & Table, French Meadow's New, Totally Feng Shui Wine Bar

Photo: Katie Cannon

After very quietly opening on Monday, Bluestem Bar & Table—located in the former bakery space at the rear of Uptown's French Meadow—is up and running. In creating the space, owner Lynn Gordon brought in feng shui consultant Andrew Hong, who regularly consults for Chinese restaurants, apartment complexes, and private residences.

Gordon and Hong told us that they emphasized design choices that put the "Universal Five Elements" in balance: fire (the south-facing entrance, the sun coming through the south-facing windows), wood (the birch trees lining the walls), metal (the metallic floor tiles), earth (the yellow, brown, and green hues throughout), and water (the aqua-tiled bar). Other feng shui touches include the rounded booths and bar (no hard corners—or "arrows"—in feng shui) and a soon-to-be-added water sculpture behind the hostess stand.

Eater Minneapolis sent photographer Katie Cannon to shoot the feng shui-approved space. Take a look below.

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