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Haute Dish's Landon Schoenefeld Starts Pro-Foie Gras Group; Dara Takes On Foie Protestors

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Image: 86 Foie Phobia Facebook Page

Following the Animal Rights Coalition's protest of foie-gras-serving North Loop restaurant 112 Eatery a few weeks ago, certain Minnesota chefs and diners are banding together to support foie gras and the restaurants that serve it, reports Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Spearheaded by Haute Dish's Landon Schoenfeld, the group is named 86 Foie Phobia, and has created a Facebook page (with 36 likes as of 4:30 this afternoon) and a Twitter account (10 followers as of this afternoon).

"I don't want to be afraid of these people, I'm not afraid of them picketing in front of my restaurant, and I think someone has to take a stand," Schoenefeld told Grumdahl.

Grumdahl also shares her opinion on foie gras ("foie production doesn't bother me at all") and on foie gras protestors. She writes, "I've spent my career supporting the great local farms and farmers in Minnesota, and this anti-foie gras movement is just a stick in the eye to them, to chefs, and to me..."
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