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Very Strange Guide to Mpls/St. Paul Recommends Eating at Potbelly, Capital Grille, Red's Savoy, and Café Latte

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Last Friday, Reuters published a very strange guide to 48 hours in Minneapolis/St. Paul (already being remarked upon by Heavy Table and Minnesota Monthly's Jason DeRusha). It features chain restaurants (Capital Grille, Potbelly), a few somewhat inexplicable local choices (Café Latte and the original—and awesome—Red's Savoy), and lots of anonymous dining and drinking (hotel breakfast, hot dog at Target Field, picnic at a lake).

Presented without further comment, the must-do eating and drinking spots in the Twin Cities, according to Reuters (bolding is ours):

· On dinner downtown: "Dining options abound in downtown Minneapolis, which is dominated by skyscrapers and old warehouses turned into atmospheric bars and restaurants. The Capital Grille on Hennepin Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares, is an excellent option if you like steaks."

· On drinking downtown: "A couple of usually packed Irish bars are located nearby to end the evening. Minnesota is also famous for music with Prince and Bob Dylan among those born here."

· On breakfast downtown: "Eat breakfast at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop at the IDS Center on Eighth Street in Minneapolis, which many see as the center of town given the indoor foyer acts as a perfect shelter from the winter cold. Potbelly has a remarkable selection of bacon, sausage and egg combos, hence the name."

· On eating at the river and lakes: "A short walk away is the Mississippi River, which defines much of the Twin Cities as it snakes between the two. Riverside attractions are few and far between so take a summer picnic trip to one of the many picturesque lakes which surround Minneapolis such as Hiawatha Lake or Lake Cornelia Park."

· On eating at Target Field: "This modern baseball park, host of the All-Star game in 2014, has a family atmosphere and superb sightlines and a vast range of fast food and drink outlets for dinner. Try a delicious corn dog. If you want a beer, make sure you have ID as even 30-somethings are challenged."

· On breakfast on the second day: "Grab some breakfast at your hotel."

· On lunch in St. Paul: "Turn back along Grand Avenue towards downtown and you will pass a number of excellent restaurants for lunch such as Cafe Latte, which has a huge selection of desserts."

· On dinner in St. Paul: "If you have time for an early dinner before departing then Red's Savoy Pizza house on Seventh Street is a an experience. There are no windows and the decor fails to brighten up the place but that is half the charm."

· Travel Postcard: 48 hours in Minneapolis-St. Paul [Reuters]

Red's Savoy Pizza

421 7th St. E. St. Paul, MN