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What Are the Best (and Worst) Foods at the MN State Fair?

Photo: Martini Design

The Great Minnesota Get-Together is less than a week away. And while the seed art is great, and so are the butter sculptures, what we're really after is the food. Whether it's on-a-stick, deep-fried, or all-you-can drink, the food at the Minnesota state fair is second to none (except for those few food stands that should be avoided at all costs). So, for this week's Open Thread, we ask you: What are the best foods at the MN State Fair? And what are the worst?

Let us know the name of the booth (vendor, restaurant), the food item, and why it is so massively delectable (or detestable) in the comments or via the tipline. Then next week, we'll put your answers together in a guide of state fair must-eats, just in time for opening day.
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