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Feast Your Eyes on Angel Food Bakery's Bacon Cro*Knot

Downtown bakery Angel Food has finally settled on a name—the cro*knot—for their version of the trademarked New York pastry the "cronut", and they're already upping the ante by adding that most beloved of all ingredients to the famed donut/croissant hybrid: bacon. The bacon cro*knots are still in the testing stages, but both Andrew Zimmern and Thrillist got some sneak peeks of the prototypes, which Zimmern dubbed the "Porkpolean Cronapart."

No word yet on when the bacon cro*knots will be available, but Angel Food will announce the debut of bacon-cronut goodness on their Facebook page once they hit the bakery, and they're hoping the bacon knots will be ready for the public soon.
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[Photo: Angel Food Bakery Facebook Page]

Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

86 S. 9th St. Minneapolis, MN