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Travail Kickstarter Just Keeps Climbing; Day Two: $145,369

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[Video: Travail Facebook Page]

After a banner first day (in which it more than met its $75,000 goal), the Travail Kickstarter has stayed open for pledges. As of 10:44 a.m. on day two, it's up to 617 backers and $145,619 pledged. The Travailians posted a short thank-you video on their Facebook page yesterday.

Meanwhile, over at the Star Tribune, Rick Nelson has one "quibble" with the Kickstarter campaign and its $250 reward that allows backers to jump the line at the no-reservations restaurant.

Nelson writes:

That's a valuable asset — just ask anyone who has stood for several hours outside the restaurant, waiting for a table. But from this 99 percent-er's vantage point, such a perk seems to run counter to the campaign's "democratizing" promise.

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