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Rick Nelson on Broders' Terzo Vino Bar: 'Crazy-Good'

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Photo: Katie Cannon/EAMPLS

In this week's reviews, the Star Tribune's Rick Nelson pays a visit to Broders' Terzo Vino Bar, and finds it "a real charmer." The latest addition to the Broders family empire at 50th and Penn, Terzo opened in early June.

Nelson calls the bar "first-rate," lauding its "kid-in-a-candy-store roster" of wines, as well as its competitive prices and the different sizes of available pours (3 and 6 oz. pours and half bottles). He also praises the staff: "Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and opinionated, they're exactly the kind of pro you hope to encounter on the other end of a wine list."

But Nelson's greatest praise comes with the food, and he is positively effusive.

On the puffed fusilli, Nelson writes "...not since Beer Nuts has a bar snack held such promise." The bruschetta are "fantastic," "sublime"; the unadorned version "embodies the simple goodness of Italian cooking" and those with toppings "manage to transport taste buds while remaining similarly uncomplicated."

The chicken-liver mousse is "crazy-good," the scallops "unabashedly juicy," the veal tonnato is "a beautifully rendered Italian classic," and the fried squash blossoms (no longer available) are "masterful."
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Broders' T3RZO Vino Bar

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