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Mike Brown on Travail's Construction and Coming Pop-Up

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Over the weekend, Travail's Mike Brown went on the 107.1 radio show the Weekly Dish, hosted by Stephanie Hansen and Stephanie March, to discuss the Travail's upcoming pop-up restaurant, the construction on the new space, brat-burgers, chef inspiration, and much more.

On Travail's upcoming pop-up, Umami by Travail:
Brown told Hansen and March that Travail's philosophy for the pop-up is: "Let's just try to get as many butts in the seats as possible." Instead of taking reservations, they will be selling tickets for specific seatings through online ticketer Tempo Tickets for approximately $40 a head. Any tickets that haven't been sold online will be sold at the door for walk-ins. There will also be a la carte takeout, with possible items including Asian-style chicken wings and panini-pressed steamed buns.

On the demolition and construction of the new Travail space:
"We're always very hands on with any project that we do, and not only is it a very good way to be frugal about things, but it's also a good way to put your mark on things and let people see what you were thinking when you were coming up with this concept and this idea. And reinventing Travail has been one of the coolest things that we've ever, ever been involved with. Building a building around a concept that's just who we are is the most exciting thing we could ever be doing."
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[Photo: Courtesy of Mike Brown]

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