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Butcher Salt-Focused Food Truck Debuting in February

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Photo: Butcher Salt Website

A new mobile eatery, Butcher Salt, will be rolling onto Minneapolis streets in early February, focusing on—you guessed it—butcher salt as a staple ingredient. (Butcher salt is a sea salt seasoning infused with rosemary, sage, thyme, and marjoram that is often used as a rub for meat; it's also the truck's founder and owner Jean Hutar's favorite ingredient.)

The truck's menu will include breakfast, lunch, and dessert options like stuffed hash browns with peppers, onions, bacon, pepper Jack cheese, tomatoes, and an over easy egg on top; butcher-salted caramels; the Sit Barley Sit hot dog with sautéed peppers, onions, and pepper Jack cheese; and a slivered apple salad with Manchego cheese and almonds.

"It's a small town restaurant, meets great seasoning, sustainability and four wheels," Hutar said.

Hutar used to help her parents with the now-closed Ely restaurant Vertins. She spent 10 years as a restaurateur for Chipotle before venturing into the food truck business. She's spent $90,000 so far to cover the cost of the truck, equipment, food, marketing, and other expenses. Entrée prices will range from $6-8, and most items will incorporate the known as butcher salt. She hopes to branch out to St. Paul after the Minneapolis launch.

The truck's motto? "Season the day," Hutar said.
Urmila Ramakrishnan

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