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Punch Pizza's $10 Minimum Wage Will Be Featured in Tonight's State of the Union Address

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Local pizza chain Punch Pizza will be mentioned in tonight's State of the Union address, which will recognize them for raising their minimum starting wage to $10/hour. Co-owner John Sorrano and employee Nick Chute were both invited to attend the State of the Union address in Washington, D.C., reports Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and they will be sitting with First Lady Michelle Obama during President Barack Obama's speech. President Obama has proposed raising the federal minimum wage in the past, and bios of Sorrano and Chute on the White House website emphasize the company-wide raise.

Earlier today, Punch tweeted: "Punch to be mentioned in the #SOTU for our increase in starting wage to $10. Honored to be recognized for our investment in our people." The eight-restaurant chain announced the raise in minimum wage in December, emphasizing that they wanted to invest in their employees and keep turnover low.
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Punch Pizza

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