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Readers Vote: 11 Dishes You Wish You Could Find in MPLS

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Photo: The Bullfrog, one of the few places to get Cajun food in the Cities, now closed, Trip Advisor

Last week, we asked what dishes are Twin Cities restaurants missing? The answers came pouring in, via the comments, the tipline, and the Eater Facebook page, covering everything from mofongo to ramen burgers.

Since we can't map that which does not (yet) exist, here are your votes for the 11 dishes you wish you could find in the Twin Cities, in list form. Feel free to add more dishes you want to the comments. And hey, if you know just the perfect place to get any of these much-desired dishes here in the Cities, help a fellow Eater reader out and let us know about that, too.

· "Growing up in Boston, every sunday as a kid my brother and I walked to the jewish deli on the corner to get proper bagels, cream cheese, and white fish salad. If only my Sundays these days could be filled with good bagels topped with white fish salad, tomato, red onion, salt, and pepper. A happy man I would be." —dbhammel

· "I love our burgeoning food scene. That said, having traveled to New York and LA often over the past few years, where is the spicy, crispy rock shrimp?! If they exist on a TC-area menu, I'm dying to know! Also, love Zen Box Izakaya, Masu and other Japanese eateries, but would love some even more grubbin' street food in stands or trucks...takoyaki, yakisoba, okonomiyaki. And how about ramen burgers!! Bring on the ramen burgers!!" —angelarare

· "And miso-glazed black cod or sea bass!" —angelarare

· "Peruvian food. I know there are a few places. But they could be better. Pollo a la Brasa = delicious fire roasted chicken with rice and plenty of aji sauce. Aji de Gallina, Saltado de Mariscos." —Pecan Sandies

· "I can't believe the lack of Czech and Polish restaurants up here. I really need doses of crispy-skin duck, knedlicky, pierogi swimming in butter, good red cabbage, chicken soup, czarnina.... and at blue-collar prices like in Chicago." —prufrock

· "An authentic pappardelle bolognese. I've only had impostors in MN!" —via Facebook

· "A decent deli!" —via Facebook

· "I just want some good mofongo. I miss Puerta Azul." —via Facebook

· "Would love to see some raclette on the cold days of winter." —via Facebook

· "This town needs a real deal Authentic Cajun joint. The last one to try was Copelands. Billed themselves as the real deal, but you couldn't even get hot sauce or okra there. Claimed that Minnesotans wouldn't like it. Hmmm. Maybe that's why they closed." —via the tipline

· "Friday night fish fry! Let me explain, as any true Wisconsinite will proudly tell you. I've been trying to find one for the last 5 years since moving here, and it's blasphemy that I can't find 1 person that knows of this year-round Wisconsin tradition.

1. potato pancakes (yeah they look like latkes, but they are called "potato pancakes"), offer with applesauce or maple syrup
2. rye bread with a little salt on the crust
3. cole slaw
4. fried cod, perch, or haddock, also offer a broiled option
5. tartar sauce made in house
6. a brandy old fashioned"

—via the tipline

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