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Restaurant Alma Bakery Will Pop Up Again

Restaurant Alma continues to work on their ambitious expansion and is giving eaters a taste of what is to come.

Photo courtesy Restaurant Alma Pop Up Facebook

The bakery pop up is led by Restaurant Alma's pastry chef Carrie Riggs. The first event sold out all of their wares in under two hours. Anxious fans lined up down the block prior to the doors swinging open. The menu that day included faux-reos (chocolate sandwich cookies), macarons, cherry anise biscotti, sweet and savory galettes, whole wheat bread, rustic white bread and mini chocolate mousse. Treats covered the range of cravings from carb-heavy to gluten-free, savory to chocolatey.

The second pop up will be held Saturday October 18 beginning and 10 a.m. and going until the food is gone. This month's promised menu includes cinnamon rolls and biscuits. Follow the bakery on Twitter for a full forth-coming menu. Cash and cards are accepted and there will be coffee drinks available as well.

The pop ups will continue monthly. On Saturday November 16 the bakery will focus on Thanksgiving-type treats like rolls and pie. December 21 will feature Christmas confections and other holiday season goods.

The pop up is a proving ground for the forthcoming Cafe Alma that is moving into the one-time Dunn Brother's Coffee adjacent to Restaurant Alma. The cafe is on track to open in 2015.