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A First Look At Hola Arepa's Brand New Brunch Menu Premiering This Weekend

They wooed us with their arepas. They bottled alcoholic happiness behind their bar. Now, Hola Arepa is unleashing a brunch menu to rule the weekend.

Joy Summers

There was a time when an early morning spotting of the distinctive Hola Arepa truck meant the morning would be fueled by an arepa stuffed with meat, cheese, beans and a fried egg. Then the truck went away and a pall fell over the land of zesty breakfast lovers. This weekend, the sun returns and brings with it not only a breakfast arepa, but a slew of other early in the day Latin-inspired dishes and new cocktails.

Fried chicken cachapas courtesy Hola Arepa

Here, Hola Arepa has given us an exclusive first look at the menu that will debut at the restaurant tomorrow. How to choose between the fried chicken cachapas or an arepa benedicts? It might be best to bring some friends who are good at sharing.

Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55408 (612) 345-5583 Visit Website