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The Most Anticipated Beer News of 2014: Surly Taproom Opening December

While craft breweries have been popping up all over, there has been only one that has drawn the rabid hop lover's attention: The Surly taproom is coming.

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of Mpls/St. Paul Magazine reports that Surly's chef Jorge Guzman (who last led the kitchen at Solera) shared a few details with her about the upcoming Beer Hall, the official name of the new taproom. Most importantly, that they are on schedule to open at 520 Malcolm Ave. SE in Minneapolis this December.

Menu details remain scant, but there will not be a lot of beer as an ingredient in the food. Guzman isn't a fan of the flavors of cooked down beer. Instead, the focus is entirely on food that will pair well with the unique brews of Surly.

In other exciting news, Guzman has tapped chef Brian Hauke for his kitchen team. Hauke was last creating delicious foods to pair with wine at Spill the Wine. Hauke has also run the kitchens at Red Stag and Merchant in Madison.

Days are limited for the Brooklyn Center taproom, which will close on October 23rd. Darkness Day is Saturday the 25th and after that it will close to the public until the new location opens.