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Dogwood Coffee Brews in Shinola; Replaces Parka

North Loop boasts the top of the trend restaurants, bars and retail shops, but it wasn't until recently that you could get a decent cup of coffee.

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Photo courtesy of Dogwood Coffee

Inside Shinola at 228 Washington Ave N., where they sell sleek watches and leather goods, customers can also pick up a cup of expertly brewed Dogwood Coffee. The coffee bar only just opened, but response from the neighborhood has been relief. It's hard to complete the bearded, wool sweatered, bespectacled look without clutching a cup of high end coffee.

Meanwhile, down on East Lake Street the transformation from Parka to Dogwood Coffee Shop is complete. The once open kitchen has been more closed off and food options are now the grab and go variety. However, those sandwiches are served on Rustica's superior bread. City Pages stopped in for a first look and the biggest change is that the tables along the edge of the wall that they share with Forage Modern Workshop have been converted into small wooden booths.