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Kicking Off Eater's Third Annual Cocktail Week

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Now hear this: Ladies, gentlemen and everyone of age in between, let's drink in all these Twin Cities have to offer. Today begins Cocktail Week celebrating the brown, the bubbly, the neighborhood blue collar spots, the flashiest of new fangled drink pourers and all things on the rocks around town. Starting now through 5 p.m. Friday, when you really ought to be inspired enough to hit your own happy hour, we will cover the gamut from the freshly opened hot spots you'll want to hit right now, to the beloved institutions who have been fueling late nights for generations. We're talking to the people who pour us those intoxicating concoctions and breaking some exciting news about new spots to imbibe on the horizon.

However, before we dive deep into the week, we want to hear about your favorite places to drink in the cities. Imagine you only had one more drink to order before your final day, what would it be? What bar is your first stop when entertaining friends from out of town? Share your thoughts in the comments, or send them through the tipline.

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